Laona Foundation / Publications

Walks, Strolls, and Drives in Laona, 1990 (out of print).

The Birdwatcher’s Guide, 1991 (out of print).

Guidelines on furnishing and equipping traditional houses offered for agrotourism, 1993.

Laona- Akamas, Myths and Legend (in Greek, English, French, and German), 1996.

‘Fytiotiko Weaving’ Guide. Greek and English, 2021.

Published Reports

  • Laona Project ‘Final Report’, 1995 (a deliverable of the Laona Project (Phases I to IV) 1989-94, funded by MEDSPA-LIFE Programmes)
  • River Valleys (Kilades) Project – Final Report, 2002. A sustainable management plan for the Riverine Communities of eastern Paphos, funded by LIFE ’99 and other donors. This project aimed to assist the regeneration of seven communities by enhancing their natural and cultural heritage, 1999-2002
  • Preliminary Model for Sustainable Rural Development in the East Mediterranean, CD, 2002
  • Report of Think Tank on Rehabilitation of Mines, 2008
  • Report on Akamas Landscape, Level 3 1:10000, Open University Cyprus and Laona, 2017
  • Report on the structure and operation of the Phytiotiko loom, 2018
  • Report on the rural communities of Paphos and their interest in joining a scheme for mountain villages, 2019
  • Report on Glyphosate. The use of Glyphosate – Challenges and Approaches, 2021 PRESS