Our values

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Our values: Laona Foundation stands for…

  • Regenerating the Cypriot countryside sustainably and supporting its communities
  • Preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the countryside, especially its landscape, architecture and traditions
  • Protecting and highlighting the importance of distinctive areas, such as the Akamas peninsula and the terraced landscapes of Cyprus
  • Confronting desertification, preserving the soil and its optimum utilisation
  • Encouraging a return to agriculture with smart and sustainable practices.
  • Encouraging sustainable tourism as an opportunity for rural areas, not as a panacea
  • Sharing and exchanging expertise with NGOs in Cyprus and abroad, cooperating with academic institutions and national and local authorities
  • Advocating its positions on sustainability at local, national, European and international level

We are grateful to the following public and private organizations and agencies for funding our projects and initiatives