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A selection of projects and activities over the years

A. Rural community projects and events:

Τhe River Valleys (Kiládes) Project, a sustainable management plan for the Riverine Communities of Eastern Paphos, funded by LIFE ’99 and other donors. This project aimed to assist the regeneration of seven communities by enhancing their natural and cultural heritage, 1999-2002. PRESS for more information.

Survey of 37 upland villages of Paphos district and their needs, sponsored by The Commissioner for Rural Communities, 2017.

Environmental Conditions in Lefke village, a bicommunal appraisal of potential impacts from the abandoned era mine, in cooperation with Lefke Environmental Society. Funded by Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, 2018-2020.

B. Landscape activities and projects:

  • Workshop on the European Landscape Convention co-organised with the Cyprus Department of Town Planning and Housing to introduce the Convention to technocrats involved in its implementation.
  • Round-Table discussion on Landscape identification for technocrats led by Professor Carys Swanwick of Sheffield University, 2005-6.
  • Workshop on Landscape Character Assessment led by specialists from Reading University, 2007.
  • Production of the first Landscape map of Cyprus, in cooperation with the University of Reading, and presentation to involved government departments, 2008.
  • Sustainable Rehabilitation of abandoned Mines and Quarries, bi-communal project funded by UN, 2008-09, involving a Think Tank with experts from both communities.
  • Developing a rural cultural Landscape map of Cyprus, funded by the Department of Town Planning, 2011.
  • Coordination of Medscapes Project (Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon) to develop a common methodology for mapping the landscape in the Eastern Mediterranean. Funding by European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI), 2013-2016.
  • Sponsoring Cypriot participation in the World Conference of ITLA (International Alliance of Terraced Landscapes) in 2016 and 2018, which led to setting up a Think Tank on the potential utilisation of abandoned terraces.


C. Promoting Fytiotiko weaving in cooperation with Fyti community.

A series of activities starting in 2011 involving: filming of the weaving process, and discussions with the community; a seminar in cooperation with Frederick University in 2013, showing the particularity of Fytiotiko and its potential for contemporary adaptation; securing the inclusion of Fytiotiko on our National List of Intangible Heritage (2016) in line with UNESCO procedure; training 13 young weavers in this traditional skill; recording the construction of the loom. Currently a guide for weavers is under preparation. PRESS for more information.


D. Publications:

  • Walks, Strolls and Drives in Laona, 1990 (out of print)
  • The Birdwatcher’s Guide, 1991 (out of print)
  • Manual on Restoration of traditional buildings in Laona (1991), in Greek only.
  • Guidelines on furnishing and equipping traditional houses offered for agro tourism, 1993.
  • Laona-Akamas, Myths and Legends (in Greek, English, French and German), 1996.
  • River Valley Project – Final Report on the Ecological Survey of the Kilades (River Valleys) Project LIFE 99 TCY/CY/111 by Nicholas Symons, MA Director of the Cyprus Environmental Studies Centre, Kritou Terra, Cyprus, and Bridgit Symons, BSc, 2002.
  • Preliminary Model for Sustainable Rural Development in the East Mediterranean, CD, 2002
  • Report by the Think Tank on Sustainable Rehabilitation of Mines and Quarries, 2008-09.

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