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LIFE – AgrOassis: Regenerative approaches for building climate change resilience in EU agricultural regions prone to desertification

Presentation on deep-rooted plant production methodology

On September 13, 2023, the Kes Research Centre organized an informative meeting as part of the Life-AgrOassis project. The primary objective was to promote the cultivation of deep-rooted plants within Deep Root Training Tubes among large-scale plant producers in Cyprus. The event featured an informative presentation on this cultivation method, followed by a discussion highlighting the importance of collaboration with local producers. Throughout the Life-AgrOassis project, 11,000 deep-rooted plants will be produced using the DRTT technique in collaboration with the Department of Forests. Notably, the first 3,000 plants are already in the final stages of production. The goal is to enhance the vegetation cover in Cyprus’ agroecosystems, making a significant contribution to combating desertification and enabling adaptation to climate change.