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LIFE – AgrOassis: Regenerative approaches for building climate change resilience in EU agricultural regions prone to desertification

Informative meeting with the applicants – Cyprus

On September 20, 2023, the KES RESEARCH CENTRE organized an informative meeting at the Lambrou Agro Ltd facilities in Latsia as part of the Life – AgrOassis project.

The event featured a presentation on the actions led by the KES RESEARCH CENTRE. It focused on the evaluation of agricultural plots and the selection of winners in the farmer participation competition for the project. Additionally, there was a presentation on the methodology for cultivating deep-rooted plants in Deep Root Training Tubes, a collaborative effort with the Department of Forests.

Following that, a discussion took place between project applicants and KES RESEARCH CENTRE researchers.

The event was also streamed online via MS TEAMS. You can find the presentation by Dr. Sarris and Antonia Stelikou (in Greek) here

The total land offered for evaluation in the Life – AgrOassis project reached an impressive 822.4 acres, submitted by 60 applicants, surpassing the project’s goal by nearly two and a half times. The overwhelming 99% of this land came from the Larnaca and Nicosia provinces, whose agricultural plots face the most significant risk of desertification in Cyprus.