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LIFE – AgrOassis: Regenerative approaches for building climate change resilience in EU agricultural regions prone to desertification

First meeting of the LIFE AgrOassis Scientific Committee

On March 6, 2024, the first meeting of the Scientific Committee of the LIFE AgrOassis project took place.

The project coordinator Dr. Panagiotis Dalias, gave a brief overview of the project and the progress so far, while presentations followed by the heads of each workpackage on the individual actions, emphasizing the scientific background.

The members of the Scientific Committee evaluated the scientific background of the measures and methods applied in the project and provided evidence, suggestions and guidelines to the partners.
Important was the contribution of the external members of the committee who represented academic institutions from Israel and Italy and who presented their opinions based on best practices and research results from corresponding actions in their countries:

Dr. Claudio Zucca a Senior Researcher at the University of Sassari, Italy leading expert on
desertification and land degradation

Dr. Avi Perevolovsky a Professor at the Agriculture Research Organization – Volcani Centre, in Israel with expertise in drylands and desertification (from monitoring to combating), and experience in agroecosystems and climatic effects.

Dr. Tal Svoray, a Professor at Ben Gurion University, Israel with experience with predicting the response of dry ecosystems to water stress and the monitoring, studying and modeling of land degradation due to water erosion processes in (dry) agricultural catchments