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LIFE – AgrOassis: Regenerative approaches for building climate change resilience in EU agricultural regions prone to desertification

Completion of the first Tree Planting period within the LIFE-AgrOassis Project

The first phase of planting for the establishment of resilient hedgerows (work package 4) as a measure to combat desertification, enhance ecosystem resilience, and promote sustainable agriculture, took place in Cyprus from November 2023 to March 2024.

Approximately 3,000 shrubs and trees, including 2,000 deep-rooted plants, were planted on degraded agricultural land in the communities of Tersefanou, Deneia, Akaki, and Peristerona. Specifically, 13 tree planting events were organized, involving around 300 volunteers, either individually or as members of 24 organizations and companies. The contribution of the Cypriot project partners was also significant, with their members actively participating in the plantings.

The tree planting events were organized in collaboration with the Office of the Cypriot Commissioner for the Environment, and the 300,000 Trees in Limassol team, whom we especially thank for their substantial support and participation. 

We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the volunteers from: UNFICYP, Community Council and Youth Association of Deneia, Peristerona Community Council, Cyprus Architects Association, IEK Attikis, Charalambos & Elena Pattihis Foundation, Daycare Center “Right for Hope for Individuals with Disabilities”, ECOmbare, Layia Village Crafts Nature Retreat, ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence, Exness, Project Management Institute (PMI) Cyprus Chapter, CARDET, Vassos Eliades Ltd, Treedia, Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, TamOil, Freedom Finance Europe, AKEL, Movement of Ecologists – Citizens’ Cooperation (KOSP), Democratic Party Youth wing (NEDIK), Cyprus Police – Aradippou Police Station, as well as all those who participated independently, greatly contributing to our efforts.

The goal of the LIFE-AgrOassis project is to plant approximately 30 km of hedgerows (6,000 trees and 12,000 shrubs) in cereal fields and orchards prone to desertification on burned and/or degraded agricultural land in Cyprus by 2026. This action will be replicated to create 3 km of hedgerows (600 trees and 1,200 shrubs) in Greece, in the regions of Thessaly and Crete.

For more information about the installation of hedgerows and the production of deep-rooted plants, please visit: webpage – action 2 description.

Finally, if you wish to participate in the tree planting events of the next period, October 2024-February 2025, you can send us a message through the project’s website.

Photo album from all the tree planting events.