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LIFE – AgrOassis: Regenerative approaches for building climate change resilience in EU agricultural regions prone to desertification

1st tree planting in Deneia, February 2024

The first tree planting of the LIFE AgrOassis project in Deneia took place on 2,3 and 4th of February. 540 deep-rooted saplings and scrubs were planted by groups of volunteers!

We express our warm thanks to the volunteers from UNFICYP, Deneia Community Council, Vassos Eliades, Project Management Institute, Cardet, Tamoil, Cyprus Greens and the Youth of the Democratic Party and to all those who participated independently, contributing the most to our effort.

The tree plantings of the LIFE AgrOassis project for this period continue until the end of February 2024 in collaboration with the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment and the 300,000 Trees in Limassol with the voluntary participation of individuals and organised groups.

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